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portable storage

Moving at Your Convenience

Let Stomo Mobile Self Storage take the frustration out of your move. Forget about coordinating a moving truck or paying the high prices of a professional mover.

Don't worry about the rush of getting everything out the door and loaded into that expensive rental truck, only to unload at a local Storage Facility. Worse yet, reload it all again, just to drive to your next location. Wow! I'm tired just talking about it.

At Stomo, we cut out the middle man. You can get a Stomo for as little as $99 a month!! We drop off a conveniently located Portable container. We place a Stomo exactly where you want it, at your doorstep.

You move your contents at your leisure. When done, call us, and we will take it to your next destination. If you aren't quite ready to move to your next spot, but can't keep it where it is, we hold it on your behalf, at our facility, until you're ready for your Stomo to be relocated to your next destination. It is this simple, we drive, we drop, we pick it up, we relocate - you relax.

Phone: 844-HEY-STOMO ext 101 / 844-439-7866 ext 101