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Whether it's file storage, construction, renovation, selling a house, or just the need for a little elbow room, Stomo Mobile Self Storage can make the job easier.

  • Are you up to your eyeballs in old files that you may never need again but are required to keep? Get a Stomo on site and declutter your office.

  • Are you a contractor and overseeing a renovation, an addition or maybe painting a few rooms, but don't want to play leap frog with the furniture? Get a Stomo and clear the space so the project goes off without a hitch.

  • Home for sale? Maybe you're a homeowner or a realtor struggling to sell a home? Is it to cluttered? Help the seller get it sold by using a Stomo to declutter - get your "Feng Shui" on.

Stomo offers two distinct Container options for the above jobs.

Stomo vs. Mighty Mo - Two ways to get the job done:

  • - We offer our standard Stomo in four sizes for light commercial duty with security and convenience at your fingertips. Any Stomo can be relocated as needed.
  • - We also offer our "Mighty Mo" container for those tougher construction jobs where onsite storage is necessary, designed to be dropped on the job site and stay til the job is done. These things are “bullet proof” and ready for all the heavy equipment you don't want to walk off the job site. Our “Mighty Mo” is an even tougher version of the standard Stomo.

Phone: 844-HEY-STOMO ext 101 / 844-439-7866 ext 101