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  • Water or Fire Damage!
    STOMO Mobile Self Storage has the answer. Call us and find out how versatile our STOMO can be! STOMO Mobile Self Storage - delivered to your door when you need it, where you want it!
  • Are you ready to move or declutter?
    Make STOMO Mobile Self Storage your first call! Self storage with a twist, delivered literally where you want it! With STOMO Mobile Self Storage your walk want be far!
  • Cleaning out your house or redecorating?
    STOMO Mobile Self Storage has the answer! You can safely store all your contents at your door so you have plenty of room to work. Delivered to your door when you need it where you want it! STOMO’s run as little as $99 a month!
  • Moving?
    STOMO Mobile Self storage should be your 1st call. We are traditional self storage with a twist! Delivered to your door when you need it where you want it. Pack at your convenience and then count on us to move it to your new address or hold it on your behalf.

About Us

Stomo Mobile Self Storage was founded by Josh and Chesnut Denton who, together, have over 15 years of experience in traditional self storage. After spending many years in conventional self storage, they fully understand the advantages offered by Portable Self Storage and would like to offer a better option for customers who are looking for a more convenient storage option in the South Carolina area by a trusted leader in the Self Storage industry.


Team Members


Marilyn Kruk

Management team

Marilyn helps us stay in touch with our customer needs and handles a variety of opportunities to better serve our customer base throughout South Carolina.


Bryan Jones

Center square will be for Bryan Jones is instrumental in helping each customer get the Stomo when they want it where they need it.

What our Customers Say

Service Area

Stomo Mobile Self Storage services all of South Carolina including Columbia, Summerville and Charleston.We can also deliver to the Greenville area of the upstate, as well as the Charlotte area of North Carolina.